Our Social Mission

We are igniting the next generation of young women entrepreneurs.


With a social compass that leads to enhanced inner awareness and strength, through social awareness and interactive media networks.


We believe that Every One has an inner compass


Our mission is to cultivate that direction, knowing that together our collective direction creates significant impact.

ConnectUs Fund

Unprecedented Times Lead to Unprecedented Actions.


Right now we are engaging partnerships with leaders in network building and social activism, launching classes that teach young people to build their own community based internet networks. Industry leaders in education, tech, and social activism are faced the question: how is the digital divide affecting young people from growing into successful adults who realize their personal human potential? We face a human capital deficit that can be alleviated with one small action: bringing broadband networks to all young people.


Starting small always meant starting somewhere. Our beginning is classes teaching young people how to build sustainable internet networks focused in rural areas, expanding into inner city low income youth.

MG Fund
Contributing to the basics: The MG Fund (McCann-Glen) provides lawyer fees for women and children in domestic violence situtations. Often it is that needed boost for a woman to be able to legally leave the state where the abusive partner/ spouse resides. In life often, it is that small step up that makes or breaks a woman’s safety.