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Mara McCann

Mara is a creative business strategist with 15+ years experience, specializing in emerging tech, mentorship of start-ups, and partnership development. She has managed key investment partnerships for companies in big data, mobile and smart machines. She was on the business development team at one of the top innovation labs in New York, as well as the acting advisor to the founder of a Silicon Valley early stage technology investment incubator, who is now listed in the top 50 futurists worldwide.


Her passion for Everygirl stems from a belief that all young women’s voices must be heard in order to create true and lasting change. She has received grants from multiple organizations including the NEA, NEH and Third Wave Foundation of New York for her activist work with young women and Everygirl.


She has coordinated and organized numerous events in the tech and film community in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, including Tribeca Film Fest and Sundance. This past year, Mara was chosen as one of 40 entrepreneurs for a select residency for future thinkers and social activists at Sundance.

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Regenia Bailey
Strategy Advisor
John Carlin
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Anum Sarwar
Priya Misha
Culture & Social
Colleen Daly
UX Designer
Habi Coulibaly
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